Alberto Montaguti

I'm a winemaker, owner of “La Marmocchia” winery in the province of Bologna, and I manage the production of wine with two employees. I've always lived in very closed contact with the vineyards and I gradually learned, step by step, everyday, to take care of the land and of the wine.


I'm a viticulturist and I'm still studying to be well informed about the news which concern this sector. It's my passion for wine and the precious knowledge inherited from my father that guide the technical operations on the field and in the cellar.

our company

The arrival to "La Marmocchia" winery

“La Marmocchia” company extends across the evocative valley of the Ghiaia creek, between the hills of Castello di Serravalle at the south-west of Bologna. It expands on a surface of 23 hectares, of which 14 are vineyards (Pignoletto, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Barbera e Cabernet Sauvignon), 4 are woods and 3 are orchards.


The altitude varies from 393 to 656 ft above sea level and it allows us to take advantage of the best features of the pebbly lands in the valley, for the white wines, and of the more exposed lands, situated on the terrace of the creek itself, for the red wines. The microclimate typical of the hill is totally exploited.



The artificial lake

The presence of an artificial lake that is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape permits us to irrigate our vineyards thanks to a modern irrigation system even in the driest summers. In the wine cellar with an advanced equipment, La Marmocchia produces its wines, which are an excellent manifestation of the local area.

our history

Montaguti family in 1928

The origins of the farm “La Marmocchia” are really ancient. The first historical testimony dates back to 1630 when the Plague reached the area of Bologna. At the end of the pestilence the local priest, who was also the supervisor of the General Register Office, communicated the names of all the survivors and there were relatives of the family Marmocchi from which the name of our company descends.


The actual owners, the Montaguti, are producing wine from the 1850. At the beginning they only sold grapes to the customers who made the wine by themselves. In the 80's Gaetano Montaguti, the father of Alberto, the current owner, began to make and bottle his own wine.

In 2004 Alberto renovates the equipment and he buys new machinery. In particular two presses “Della Toffola”, containers in stainless steel with electronically controlled temperature and autoclaves for the production of sparkling wines.

Today “La Marmocchia” produces his own labelled wine with the best grapes of its wineyards.

the vineyards

The vineyards

Our growing system consists in 3300 stumps per hectare and the average age of the grapevines varies from 5 to 25 years. We use copper and sulphur to grow better our grapevines and we do not use insecticides.


In June we manually brush the grapevines and then we pinch them to trim the top of our plants.


The grape harvest is only manual and it starts at the end of August with Chardonnay and at the beginning of September with Sauvignon.


The Pignoletto harvest is really particular: it begins around the 10th of September where the grapes are already ripe and it lasts for a couple of weeks in order to harvest the grapes in the moment of best maturation. After that it's the time of the red wine grapes and the harvest usually ends after the first week of October.


In winter we proceed with the pruning of the grapevines to regulate the growth and the quantity.

the wine cellar

The harvested grapes are brought to the cellar and they are immediately processed with our two closed “Della Toffola” presses in order to extract the must which is then fermented at a temperature of 18-20° and controlled during all the time.


Before the fermentation begins the white wine grapes are treated differently. Nitrogen is injected in the must with a pump in order to make the impurities go to the surface. Then the cleared must is extracted and fermented.


The fermentation of the white wines lasts for 7 weeks and then the wine stays in the refinement containers till the following spring to be finally bottled.


The red wines ferment at the electronically controlled temperature for about 10 days with particular operations every 6 hours. After that the wine remains in the reinforced concrete glass containers till the following spring.


For sparkling wines we use our autoclaves (eight 25 hL containers and one 50 hL container).

In the autoclaves the wine ferments again following the “Charmat”(Martinotti) procedure and stays on the dregs for 3 months before they are bottled.


For our wines we avail ourselves of the expert advice of the oenologist Giovanni Fraulini who guarantees us the respect of the features of our wines, of our company and of what we actually are.

our vine varieties

Pignoletto is the name of the autochthon vine variety from which we obtain this particular type of wine. The calcareous, clay-rich and drained soil, typical of our hills give the very appreciated properties that make it unique. The leaves are pentagonal,deeply green, shiny and smooth on the lower side and pale on the other side. The bunch is middle-sized, solid and has an elongated and almost cylindrical shape just as the grape itself. The shoot is long, strong and elastic. It sprouts rather early in the middle of april and the grapes grow during the second and the third week of September.

The Pinot Chardonnay comes from the Burgundy (France), an area with a calcareous, clay-rich and drained soil as here. The bunch is small and compact and the grape is golden and round.

The variety called Sauvignon comes from the Gironde (France) and it found the ideal conditions to expand in our area. The grape is small, compact and has a cylindrical shape. The grape is yellow, pale and spherical.

The Cabernet grapevines hail from the surroundings of the Gironde and was imported at the end of the 1800. Our calcareous and clay-rich lands allow us to give the suitable conditions for a late sprouting and a maturation at the beginning of October. The pentagonal leaf is not very big, the upper side is smooth, dark green and opaque and the lower side is pale. In autumn the leaf becomes deeply red. The bunch is small, cylindrical and has an evident wing-shaped side. The grape is spherical and has different shades of violet.

Barbera. It's one of the most widespread vine varieties, its origins are unknown but it probably comes from the Monferrato lands. The leaf is middle-sized with five lobes, the upper side is dark green and smooth and the lower side is covered by a velvety surface. In autumn the leaves turn reddish. The bunch is middle-sized and has a pyramidal shape while the grape is spherical and dark bluish. It sprouts rather early and the maturation begins at the end of September.

our wine

pignoletto docg colli bolognesi

Harvest 2019


Sparkling wine

Bottle: 0.75 l and 0.375 l


Alcohol content: 11.50 %


Colour: The wine displays a nice straw yellow colour with green effects given by the light shining through.


Smell: The smell is clear and intense. The fruity scent is the most perceived: apple, pineapple, peach, hawthorn and elder fragrances, anise and sage.


Taste: Very fresh and finally amygdaline


Coupling: Ideal aperitif, fruity, exquisite, light and perfect for starters to combine with white meat and cheese. It's the typical wine drank with italian Tortellini. We suggest to try a vintage-year wine at 8-10° in a middle-sized wine glass.

The denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin "Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto 'is

reserved for the wine that meets certain conditions and production requirements established by the specific discipline.

pignoletto superiore docG colli bolognesi

Harvest 2018


Alcohol content: 12.50 %


Full-bodied and richer than the sparkling version, with a higher alcohol content it keeps a great freshness. It is impeccable with italian starters as fish, vegetables and eggs. We reccomend to taste it uncorking it at the moment, at 8-10°.


Harvest 2016


Bottle: 0.75 l


Alcohol content: 10 %


COLOR: very pale pink.
BOUQUET: fruit and aromatic herbs.
FLAVOR: fresh, persistent, harmonious.
COMBINATIONS: it is a pleasant aperitif; it becomes a thirst-quenching drink with peach juice or exotic fruit. In combination we recommend fish.

bologna BIANCO doc colli bolognesi

Harvest 2017


Obtained from a mix of Sauvignon (70%) and Chardonnay (30%)


Alcohol content: 12.50 %


Colour: Almost straw yellow.


Smell: Intense, lasting, elegant and fine fragrances.


Taste: Pleasantly balanced, dry and harmonious.


Coupling: Ideal to accompany all the meal. Perfect for italian starters such as Passatelli and Tortellini. Moreover it embraces very well fish dinners: fried or not, en papillote or grilled. We suggest to drink it young to catch the freshness and the fragrance. Serve it at 8-10°.

bologna ROSSO doc colli bolognesi

Harvest 2018


Obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon


Alcohol content: 12.50 %


Colour: At the beginning it has a red ruby colour that slowly turns to garnet red.


Smell: Typycal grass and soil scent. The fragrance is persistent and intense


Taste: Dry body. It is warm from the alcoholic point of view, tannic and herbaceous.


Coupling: Ideal for wild game, maginficent with red and braised meat. Perfect with cheese to percieve the finest features.

barbera doc colli bolognesi

Harvest 2019


Sparkling wine


Alcohol content: 13 %


Colour: Ruby red, nearly violet.


Smell: The wine presents a delicious winy fragrance typical of the groundcover (currant and blueberry)


Taste: Palatable, harmonious and tannic. It has a full and warm body.


Coupling: Ideal to accompany grilled meat, cold cuts and sauces. Very good for fish dinners with salted codfish and eel. Perfect also with the local Cotechino. We suggest to try a dated one and serve it at 15° uncorking it at the moment.

pignoletto wine jelly

The jelly derived from our Pignoletto is a soft and dense mousse obtained by cooking the wine.


During the preparation, the wine is boiled very rapidly in order to maintain its aromatic properties.


 It's a completely natural product with no alcohol content. Preservatives and colorants ar not added: it's the high sourness and the presence of sugar that guarantee the conservation of the product.


Advice: Cheese is perfect to be combined with our jelly. In particular soft and not heavy-bodied cheese and italian Ricotta. It's great with seasoned cheese too. Very good with boiled meat and cold cuts. Ideal for the preparation of a simple canapé.


contact us



Via Sant'Apollinare 2785

Loc. Castello di Serravalle
40053 Valsamoggia (BO) - Italia

P.iva e C.F.: 03259341208

tel: +39 051 6705225


We will be happy to welcome you in our wine-cellar and present you our wines.

Alberto Montaguti – Phone number +39 320 6650392



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